Friday, April 28, 2017


Hope is defined by "a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen". To some hope has never been felt. A lot give up right away and never have the chance to experience the dedication and anxiousness hope brings to you. Hope comes from the part of you that knows it might not be possible but still has faith that it will happen. Whatever it is you have hope in, if it does end up happening it restores your hope. Or even something like a song can restore your hope. Others personal stories can be very helpful with finding hope too. When your dream ends up not happening all of your hope becomes nonexistent.People who don believe in what you do can also destroy your hope. Mentally breaking down your hope is very common. You have to have a strong mind and desire. Statistics or even opinions can cause you to lose hope. In society today there has been many uprising people that have started to stand up in what they believe in. This has also brought a lot more conflict into the world. I hope that one day we would be able to come to a peace. This will take many years and we'd have to suffer from multiple different fields.I hope that my mom becomes stable for herself first then for her children. There has been many obstacles i had to go through to not lose my hope. At times it was gone then brought back by the love I have for her.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The One's Who Walk Away From Omelas

I noticed that the society of Omelas is very untruthful with their feelings. They know what the problem is but decide to overlook it. The child alone has enough power to "ruin" the happiness of the whole town. How does one soul have the power to effect hundreds of others emotions? The people of Omelas persuade themselves that this one child will take away the happiness of their town. This child represents the one flaw in this so called "perfect" society. I believe the child represents the fake love this country gives towards it people of certain beliefs. We say that everyone is equal and that segregation has passed us by or racism. We also say that those who prefer same sex are more than welcome. When it comes down to it, it's all fake. This country still has killings very often just because of someone's skin color. Their is also kids everyday getting bullied and committing suicide because they're transgender, gay, bisexual, etc. It shows how much fake care we give to those people. We do nothing to solve this problem because in a majority of people's eyes it's the "wrong" way to be.The citizens of Omelas who walk away are the very few who are brave enough to leave such a bittersweet place. They have no idea what is outside of the city yet they still leave knowing that they're putting a lot a risk. This is something that society today needs more of. If we stand up for what we think's right instead of going along with the majority, a big change would occur.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Social Justice

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Social justice is the terms in which the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society is divided. In order to value social justice you have to have a high educational understanding of it and what it means. This is why I think there is always a big problem with society and social justice. Not many understand it but are trying to "fix" it. If social justice were to not be valued we'd be ignoring millions of lives just because they weren't ideally what society thinks is right.How is the greatest country in the world shaming its people for not being like or believing in what most others do ? People from all over the world come to live in this so called amazing country to be "free". When it comes down to it if you aren't what the people around you think is right then you're automatically wrong.Diversity all of the sudden becomes a problem even though we swear it's not.

In Charles L. Robbins Ted Talk he gives us many examples of social justice such as racism, homophobia,gender, masculinity,  poverty,gun violence, and income inequalities.In this world the list can go on and on. These problems can either be getting worse or fought against every day.  The decision is up to us.

Something that I find we seem to have a big problem with in this century is the lack of moral values. What used to be something that no one would dare to do seems to be okay now. Why ? Why is it okay to have abortions ? Why is it okay to not be a gentleman ? Or why is it okay to do drugs and fail classes now as if everything was alright? And why does not believing in a god all of the sudden give you consent to do things that are more than harmful to yourself but also others. I don't have any answers for these questions. Woman rights now say that it's their body so they can do whatever they want with it.I know that once these woman, if they do, end up having children feel a tremendous amount of guilt. I see it everyday. There's so many people surrounding me everyday at school that have a careless mindset. To them it's aright if they fail, it's alright if they do drugs. Why is society acting so poorly about this problem ?And for the ones that do bad just to do it and see no problem with it , wheres your self respect ? Wheres the respect towards your mother ? She gave you life and this is what you do with it ?

Social justice has many cases that will never be discussed. No one takes the time to solve these problems that affect an enormous amount of citizens. That might be why, the problem might be to big for people to handle. Is the problem ever too big to be solved? No, if their is a problem we need to fix it instead of overlooking it and acting like we don't know it's here. Now this is what keeps social justice a dark secret.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Once she got her stain removed I believe it showed her how weak she was as an individual. She thought that getting it removed would make her normal. In her mind once she was "normal" she would be looked at as "beautiful not beautiful except...". This is what urged her to get the surgery done. What the author didn't realize was that she was beautiful all along. After seeing that she was always beautiful it tore her apart knowing that she didn't accept herself for who she was. She let the mark describe her a s a person. The mark began to define her and who she was. To others she was just another female but who had a mark on her face. When she had her mark she wasn't confident at all. This discouraged her within her love life. She got with her husband after the mark was removed. He knew of it but never got to see it on her. Once the accident happened and a stain appeared on her face nothing was said. Her having the stain didn't phase his love for her. This is what she was afraid of. What she didn't understand was that his love will always be there no matter if she had a stain on her face or not. Once she knew he saw her with it and had no negative reaction it gave her relief. The husband now believes that the comfort that was built within those moments will help persuade her into having a child.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mandy Len Catron: A Better Way To Talk About Love

In Mandy Len Catron's Ted Talk, A better way to talk about love, she presents the idea that we shouldn't fall in love but step into love. She uses people like William Shakespeare and Friedrich Nietzsche, words to back up her claim. Mandy also used neurochemical research to confirm that the famous words " crazy in love" aren't so crazy after all. Bringing in linguists Mark Johnson and George Lakoff's idea of changing our metaphors will change the way people think about love into a different metaphor that brings more complex experiences while loving someone. The authors purpose is to get humanity to stop thinking that love happens without your consent in order to understand that you  have a choice. 
Mandy tells us that she let go of a lot of her friends because they didn't understand her grievous affliction. I believe that this is wrong but many females tend to do this. At the time they believe that

the "love of their life" will always be there so they choose them over their friends. Come to find out that who ever was your "lover" didn't work out and now you're left all by yourself. She also says that during this time she felt as if it was her job to be miserable. Like many other females Mandy believed that being miserable will prove the love she has for him. This specifically bothers me. Females will do whatever for a male even if it breaks them. This is not acceptable. They need to know their worth and realize that they are a true blessing to humanity. No one should ever be competing for someone else's love. If it was true love there would be no chase. Females need to learn to love themselves so much that other peoples opinions have no effect on them.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ted Talk

In Dan Gilberts 2004 TedTalk "The Surprising Science of Happiness" he explains the difference between natural happiness and real happiness. He uses simple examples and answers from scientific studies. The main reason why we can make predictions on what we want is because of our experience simulators. These were a new edition to our brain when it grew three times bigger over the expansion of 2 million years in our pre frontal cortex.In Dan's talk he says "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so".  By making this comment he means that giving yourself the choice between two things forces yourself to find the "better" one. After studies have been conducted ,it's shown that if you were to not have a choice and were given the one you originally had not picked you'll end up liking it just as much. During his talk he also tells his audience "Freedom to choose is the friend of natural happiness, but freedom to choose is the enemy to synthetic happiness". Natural happiness is what we feel when we received what we had originally asked for. Synthetic happiness is what you made out of it by not getting what you wanted . In the end, according to tests, you're the same amount of happy with either one. Your mind realizes the good in it and appreciates it, ending up in being happy with it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


When I see any female that genuinely loves themselves it makes me happy. Today in age the female body has so many expectations. Many look at it as if your body isn't a certain shape and size it is ugly. Social media and companies also have a lot to do with shaping this idea of a perfect body. When you look at social media you see a lot of put downs on our body for the smallest reasons. Also, when you look into a magazine for companies like Victoria Secret you see one very specific body type. Why not have every shape, size, and color ? When girls see things that say or show that their body type is unappealing it lowers their confidence. For the females that truly love themselves shows me how strong they are and confident in themselves. This makes me more than happy. It's so hard to love yourself when your body type is getting put down. If you can't love yourself you will not be able to give or receive love. When one loves themselves it opens numerous doors for them in their lives. For instance, a shy girl due to her body won't speak up at any given time even though she has an opinion or an answer. The female that loves themselves won't be as shy and put her voice out there.When women get surgery done to their body it makes me wonder why they weren't happy with the body that god gave them ? In my eyes it's disrespectful and basically saying that they don't like what they have been given so they're going to change it.With so much negative comments towards females in general it surprises me that there are still a small amount with confidence in themselves. That small amount of females make me so happy to see that we are still standing strong and loving our body despite of what every one else has to say.